A Formidable Organization that promotes Good Governance, transforming the lives of women across all statuses, as well as building up a generation of Youths that are Enterprising, focused and purpose driven.


So far two (3) exhibitions have been organized by WINN in Abuja , Edo state and Nasarawa State, this exhibition was organized in collaboration with some agencies to show case the women from the grassroots becoming manufacturers and producers of goods, both edible and non-edible. The exhibition was flourished with exhibitors and organizations from individuals to government officials such as SMEDAN, National Directorate of Employment, Bank of Industry, Fed. Min. of Women Affairs and Social Development, Fed. Min. of Agriculture, Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Ethics and Values, Min. of Commerce and Industry. The exhibition helps to expose the grassroots women to the world and for them to be able to show the world what they can/have produce given the chance; it also brings them closer to their market and customers.


The program marked the International women day by hosting a day of beauty makeover project, where women from different works of life were dressed up, beautified, educated and celebrated on their essence as women. WINN awarded 4 pupils from 4 schools for participation in their essay competition – Why my mother is the best mother.
This Self-Sufficiency Entrepreneurial Program is a dual program addressing economic insufficiency through spiritual restoration. This process is designed to eliminate dependency on the governmental welfare system and offer practical strategies to transition into self sufficiency and entrepreneurship. This God given vision is evidence based; it has proven successful in other Nations. It is America’s time to glean from this life changing vision.